Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub - Lush Review

I've been testing out Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub by Lush for the past couple weeks.  I've always heard great things about Lush but never got around to trying any of their products.  They don't test on animals so this was a major selling point for me.  Needless to say, I walked in looking for a cleanser and left with a number of products.  I visited the Lush store at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA.  The service was impeccable!  I wish I could remember the name of the young girl who helped me.  She was very knowledgeable and had a number of beautiful tattoos.

As you can see the scrub has been well loved.  This product is described as a vodka (my favorite) infused cocktail for bright, fresh skin.  No, the vodka was not the selling point.  This particular scrub happened to be located next to a cleanser I picked up on this trip.  When the associate that was helping me told me it was one of their top sellers, I was sold.  How could a scrub that is appropriate for the body work on your face?  I was skeptical.  I've never been one to buy into exfoliating scrubs for the face after having read a blog entry by Lisa Eldridge.  The Lisa Eldridge.  I prefer to chemically exfoliate my face as the fear of broken capillaries has turned me.  The associate tested the scrub on my arm and the results were instantaneous!  My arm literally looked a shade lighter.  I didn't know whether to think of myself as a filthy being or convince the associate that I in fact do shower everyday. 

The scrub is a white paste and topped with: lime extract, vodka and both fine and coarse sea salt.  The paste is made up of avocado butter, coconut and lime oils.  I wonder what kind of Vodka they use?  I kid.  You will need to stir the two in order to make the scrub but you only need to do this once.  It's marketed as being suitable for all skin types but being more beneficial for combination to oily skin.  I think it's safe to say that I have a love / hate relationship with this scrub.  As instructed, be sure to wet the area you will be exfoliating as the scrub is very coarse.  The first time I used this on my face, I literally was in pain.  During the winter my skin tends to get a bit dry.  DO NOT USE ON DRY SKIN!  It will burn.  Vodka and lime isn't a good combination on irritated or dry skin.  It left my skin quite red after application for a couple hours.  I daringly tried it a few more times on my face but warmed the product up in the palm of my hand before use.  It helped but it still was too harsh.  I also noticed that it broke me out.  I believe it was the avocado butter.  A bit too nourishing for my acne prone skin.

As a body scrub?  This is amazing!  It left my skin feeling supple and soft as it claims.  It really exfoliates and leaves your skin and bathroom smelling like a mixed drink.  Who wouldn't love that?  I found the scent lingering for a couple hours but was not unbearable.  The fragrance is suitable for both men and women as I found my brother stealing some of it on a visit back home and he is by no means a 'primp-y' kinda guy.  It leaves a clean feel to the skin without being over drying.  I would highly recommend this scrub prior to putting on a fake tan as a thorough exfoliation is encouraged before a tan application.  

The Verdict:  Yes as a body scrub!  Use with caution as a facial scrub.  If you enjoy that tough and grainy feel when using an exfoliating scrub, this might be perfect for you.  Don't use on aggravated, irritated or extra dry skins.  My legs tend to be dry all year round but it felt fine.  My take on this is that the skin or your face is a lot more sensitive than on your body.  I'm back to saying no to facial exfoliators with beads and/or grain textures. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Skin...

Ok, so lets get this going.  My skin.  Boy oh boy, where to start. a teenager I struggled with acne and continue to deal with sudden breakouts as an adult.  I tried everything at the drugstore to treat my breakouts as a teen.  I had always been a skeptic when it came to taking medication to treat my acne.  I'm sure you all have heard of the terrible side effects.  Hesitant, I was in need of help desperately and would try anything at that point.  I had been dealing with acne for about 6 years when I turned to a dermatologist.

Tetracycline.  That's what I was prescribed along with a benzoyl peroxide topical gel and retinol.  It cleared my skin up in a matter of two weeks!  Everything was gone.  Although it might have cleared my skin, I had to stop taking tetracycline after 2 months due to excessive dryness and sensitivity.  I've always had sensitive skin but the treatment intensified it.

I'm sure you all want to know what my skin is like now.  I have sensitive oily skin with occasional breakouts.  My skin has always been a constant battle for me.  I make sure to never get products that are too moisturizing for my skin due to being acne prone, but on the other hand I can't use anything too harsh to treat breakouts due to my sensitive skin.  I usually buy skincare products targeted for problematic oily skin since having noticed a decrease with sensitivity.

So there you have it.  Don't feel subjected if you don't have my exact skin type.  As no two people are alike, skincare works different for everyone.  What works great for me might very well work great for you and vice versa.  I want to encourage dialogue and am looking forward to learning from you all as well.

I've been testing products and will have a review up soon!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Behind Why I Love July

The dreaded first blog post.  I've gone over a million times in my mind what this is supposed to sound like, but I guess there's no right or wrong way.  This is me.  There are no rules or need to submit for a letter grade.

Hi, I'm Gladys.  I'm originally from Wine Country and currently reside in Silicon Valley where I go to school.  To be honest, I can't wait to get out of here.  With little interest in the tech industry, I really struck out in hopes of finding my dream job.  What is my dream job?  I don't really know.  What I do know is it sure as hell isn't in San Jose.  I'm looking to move shortly after graduation.

A quirky college student, my interest in beauty and fashion began at a young age.  My mother never let me experiment with makeup until around the age of 16.  I blame her for my obsession.  She made it forbidden, therefore alluring.  This blog will attest to this.  On the other hand—fashion, I blame myself.

As for Why I Love July?  July is quintessential.  It's the middle of summer, my favorite season.  How can you not when you live in California?  The best things always happen to me in July.  Oh, and summer love!  Not to mention my birthday, my moms birthday and dads all in the same week.  I never hesitate to remind my parents I am the best birthday present they have ever received :) 

As a disclaimer, I am not a professional makeup artist, esthetician or stylist.  What I wear is a reflection of what inspires me and what I feel confident in.  It won't be for everyone.  This blog is 100% my own personal opinions.  I can give recommendations and review products based on how they work for me and my skin type.  I will dig deeper into this topic in my next post.

Until next time....

Happy Holidays,

GR †