Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MAC Hue | Lipstick Review

I love lipstick!  My obsession started years ago when I ventured into a MAC store with my sister looking for the perfect nude shade.  
My criteria: easy to apply, moisturizing and doesn't give that 'dead' look.  
There's nothing worse than looking completely washed out by lack of color on the lips.  
Attention:  That is not a cute look!

Hue quickly became my favorite nude MAC lipstick.  It retails for $15 online and at my local counter.
This lipstick is a glaze formula.  It has minimal color payoff and adds a moisturizing glaze to the lips.
MAC describes this shade as a soft pale pink.  That sounds so boring!  
It's so much more than that.  It nourishes my dry lips beautifully whilst muting out the natural red undertones.  

The staying power varies depending on how much talking I'm doing.  It lasts an estimated 2-3 hours.  
You will need to reapply after meals.
I don't worry about needing a mirror when applying as I'm out and about.  
It's simple when you're on the go and can't be bothered.

This has been my most worn lipstick of all time.  That's saying a lot considering how many lipsticks I own.
Hue isn't too pale, adds the right amount of color and is wearable for a variety of different looks.
It's versatility won me over.

Would you give Hue a try?

I would love other nude lipstick recommendations from you all.  
Please feel free to leave them in the comments below :)


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    1. Thank you so much Alicia. You're a doll.
      I'd be more than happy to visit your blog.

      Happy New Year

  2. i love that nail color! what brand and shade is it?


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  3. Thank you!
    It's Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Navy Baby #390

    GR †

  4. i've nominated you for the liebster award :) if you would like to do it, please check out this link http://ahemitsemme.blogspot.com/

  5. Haha the only shades of lipstick I have tried seem to be purples and plums but
    this really has inspired me to try different shades and have fun with different styles


  6. I'd love to try it but they don't sell it in my city... :( but I've tried some MAC lipsticks and they're so so good! http://saratalks22.blogspot.com.es/ I've subscribed!

  7. I had been trying for months and months to find a matte, nude lip color. I finally came across Target's E.L.F. brand- the matte lip pen was $3 and I LOVE it.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Amber!
      I'll have to look into it :)

  8. All mac lipsticks are amazing and hue is def one of my faves x