Saturday, January 5, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes | Core Collection

Great makeup brushes are not hard to come by, but affordable top quality makeup brushes are.  
The Real Techniques brushes are designed by one part of Pixiwoo, Samantha Chapman.   
They're synthetic which makes the dry time quick, cruelty free as well.
Their aluminum handles make them lightweight and easy to use.  
I have washed these brushes many times and still have yet to shed!  

Each collection comes in a different color and can add personality to any dressing table.
The bristles are soft to the touch and will make putting on your makeup a dream.
I paid $17.99 for the collection at ULTA Beauty.
You can't beat the price!
These brushes can be purchased in the U.S. at:, ULTA Beauty or Walmart.

Below are reviews of each brush.

The Buffing Brush
This brush is a dream for buffing in foundation.  
It's said to be used for mineral and powder foundations but I personally use it for liquid foundation.
It leaves a flawless / airbrushed base.

The Contour Brush
This brush fits beautifully into the hollows of the cheeks for the perfect sculpted face.
Contouring has never been this easy!
This brush is the perfect size for highlighting as well.

The Pointed Foundation Brush
This is my least favorite brush of the entire collection only because I believe it's marketed wrong.
I find the brush a little small to apply foundation to the face.
I use this brush to apply concealer under my eyes and it works great.
This pointed brush makes for a quicker application and gets into the hard to reach places.
It's a time saver!

The Detailer Brush
This tiny little brush is perfect for pinpoint concealing.
Ever had a stubborn spot that you wish you could erase?
You'll love this brush for that.
It can also be used as a lip brush!
It's great for outlining your lips and helps set a stain for long lasting lip color. 

The Real Techniques brushes have been a hype in the blogging world.  I've been using mine for a couple of months and now understand the raving reviews.  I can't wait to run out and get more!



  1. Can't wait to get more real techniques brushes. Great price ...great brushes!


  2. I agree! I'm hoping to get the blush and stippling brushes next.


  3. great price with excellent quality.. plus you get a case with their sets.. i love all of my real techniques brushes.. maybe even more than my Sigma ones ;)

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