Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beauty Budget Tips | How To Make the Most of Your Money

Inspired by my mother who is constantly questioning my impromptu beauty shopping trips, I recently came across an article that sparked a high level of interest.  I began asking myself questions, questions that I'm sure beauty enthusiasts like myself don't think about.  How much money do I spend on beauty products?  What's my budget and / or most importantly do I even have one?

Home Shopping Network (HSN) beauty blogger, Lara Ramos wrote a post on money saving tips.  It's genius!  Ramos came up with 5 tips:

1.  Build a better makeup bag: Spend your money where it counts.  Do your research before buying a product i.e. product reviews.  I never buy skincare or makeup without reading reviews by credible bloggers.  By the time I come around to purchasing a product I am almost certain it won't be a flop.  Look for reviews that cater to your skin type or needs.

2.  Clean your brushes: Save money on replacing your brushes and also the product that goes into them.  The cleaner your brushes, the less your products are contaminated with oils and bacteria.

3.  Keep it pretty: Look after your things ladies and gents.  I look at makeup as an investment, quality over quantity.

4.  Scrape the bottom: Yes Lara!  I too cut open tubes to get every last bit of product out, more so skincare.  Use it all.

5.  Portion control: Only use what you really need.  I too am guilty of pumping out too much foundation and then tossing the excess out.  Please don't!  I now dab foundation directly on my face to avoid this.  Also, less is more.  Makeup shouldn't hide you yes imperfections and all but enhance what you already have.     

Also, keep a look out for special promotions and seasonal deals.  Local drugstores and ULTA are my favorite places to shop when I'm looking for a good bargain.  Some of my favorite makeup products come from the drugstore so shop around.  I'll take my favorite nude lipstick, L'Oréal Colour Riche in Fairest Nude ($6), over any other nude I've tried.

What are your favorite money saving tips?  Include tactics and what you like to save on.  Check out HSN Beauty for a wide array of beauty essentials. *cough cough free shipping*

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