Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 Spring Beauty Products Vogue Says You Need

Oh Vogue, the audacious beauty and fashion voice in our heads that we succumb to each and every time we flip through your pages.  You’re good but so damn bad. 

At the turn of each season, women find themselves looking to revamp their beauty routines.  The weather is getting nicer and we can start to feel it.  Yes you know the feeling I’m talking about, the one that goes nice with a cocktail in hand. 

Drum roll…

1.  Shampoo and conditioner that prolongs time between washes.  

2.  Face oil to help lock in moisture and keep dry skin at bay.

3.  A skin finisher.  Think more along the lines of a primer.  It helps smooth out the surface of your skin for a confidence boost on those no makeup days.  Try this one.

4.  An anti-fading shampoo.  Keep your locks looking bright and healthy.

5.  A light base that allows your skin to breathe as the days get warmer.  Cake face in the summer heat = nightmare!    

6.  Change up your perfume.  Try something light and floral: Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana.  

7.  An eye serum.  Keep your eye area hydrated and looking fresh at all times.

8.  Glitter!  Ok don’t get Mariah on us but yes, a modern version of it. 

9.  A rinse-off self-tanner to get a sun kissed glow in a jiffy.  I swear by the Sally Hansen Water Resistant Airbrush Legs.  It's easy and very effective.  

10.  Bright lipstick.  It’s quick, easy and packs a punch!

Fortunately for us, everything on this list makes complete sense :)

Happy shopping ladies!    


Image: Polyvore


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  2. Thank you so much! Glad you like it :)