Saturday, May 24, 2014

Music | What I'm Loving Right Now

Why am I just now writing a music post?  A self-proclaimed music enthusiast, just check my bio :) - I scour the Internet hours at a time looking for new music, not bound to any genres.  I've decided to start a new series on my blog, a place people can come get new music and share as well.  I go to many concerts and plan on sharing the music and my experiences with you all.  

 Please leave any notable music blogs you all read in the comments and music you'd like to share. 

 I hope you enjoy!


p.s. a majority of the music I listen to is underground dance.  you've been warned.

Banks, I simply adore.  I will be seeing her May 28th @ The Independent in San Francisco.  Blog post to follow :)

The techno queen.  My techno queen.  She can do no wrong.

"Sometimes the truth don't rhyme, sometimes the lies get millions of views."

Beautiful production.  Because The Internet has been on repeat in my car for about two weeks now.

Ali Shirazinia aka Dubfire - I will be seeing the Iranian DJ / producer next week in San Francisco @ Audio Discotech.  He spins minimal / techno and best known for his snake effect.  Never a disappointment and always a good time. 

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