Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth of July | 2014

Our country's Independence Day wasn't always my favorite holiday.  It grew on me.  I was that kid.  The kid afraid of swimming in deep open waters and loud explosions.  I really hated the sound of fireworks.  I read a book as a child about a man that was shot indirectly while taking down Christmas lights on his roof.  The bullet came from over a mile away and this idea haunted me.  That was my fear, that some idiot would light an illegal firework and it would be my destiny to have it explode in my face.   Now that I look back, how is a bullet or firework remotely the same?  I dunno.  Again, I was that kid.     

As I got older the fear faded and I began to associate the Fourth of July with great food, beaches and vodka.  I didn't choose for my birthday to be in summer neither did my parents but boy did I get lucky.  The countdown to my birthday begins with a day spent getting enough sun exposure for the year and an impressive collection of sand in my car.  

I woke up hungover this Fourth of July.  Don't feel bad, it was planned.  Nicole Moudaber spun the night before in Downtown L.A. and being the enthusiast that I am, I made the trip.  The 4.5 hour trip I'm very proud of if I do say so myself.  Blown away!  She's my favorite forever and always.

I dedicated an entire post to this holiday because it was the best I've ever had.  I was on the beach with my best friend all day.  We didn't eat, we didn't drink, we didn't listen to music.  We reflected on our lives the entire seven hours we were there.  How much had changed and the feelings that came along with it.  We talked, laughed and at times didn't say anything.  Nostalgia kicked in and for a second wished things hadn't changed.  I wished that pride didn't exist.  That everything thrown at us came with an explanation.  The reality is that it didn't then, won't in the future and I'm perfectly ok with that.

When my feet touched the sand, it was instant gratitude.  I was thankful for my family that was 450 miles away, thankful for my health that I take for granted and thankful for my life and where its headed.  When I wish things could go back to how they were I look forward to all the good coming my way and the amazing people I have yet to meet.  My newfound happiness in L.A. makes everything better.  

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy. 


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