Saturday, March 5, 2016

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner & Foaming Gel

6.7 fl. oz. - $35.70

6.7 fl. oz. - $35.70

Fellow bloggers and friends of mine have raved about Obagi as a brand since my earliest memories of watching beauty vloggers.  I finally bit the bullet when I strolled into my local MedSpa and began to browse through their skin care.  As mentioned in other blog posts, in my early days of reviewing beauty products, I've always had a hard time finding a toner that works for my skin.  I tend to opt out of toning my face because every toner I use breaks me out.  Breaking out is putting it lightly.  My skin is always covered in cystic acne the day after I tone my face.  My complexion turns into a mountainous disaster, eek!  Not to mention the pain, agony, the horror! drama queen  

Through my research and speaking to numerous estheticians, salicylic acid is indeed the culprit.  As a teen I suffered from acne and found my skin took to liking benzoyl peroxide.  It helped combat my spots and helped nip them in the butt before they became monstrosities.  On the contrary, my skin hated acne fighting creams, gels that contained salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid had a reverse effect on my skin, it aggravated my spots and I broke out even more.

After having a laser treatment on a particular weekend morning, the spa receptionist and I started talking about my skin care concerns.  I mentioned I was looking for a toner that didn't contain sal acid and was open to trying a new skin care range.  She immediately directed me to their Obagi Nu-Derm line and was immediately sold.  I was excited that her staff and clients had started a cult following for the line at this particular spa, the cleanser and toner were the star products. Ring me up!

Long story short, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) equals salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid is a derivative of aspirin, an anti-inflammatory which is why it works wonders on those who suffer from acne.  It helps combat irritation and fight bacteria build up on the surface of the skin and in the pores.  It works great as an exfoliator among other things.  After a week of using the toner I knew my skin didn't get on with it and that this toner in fact contained salicylic acid.  I was let down but figured I should have done more research before making the purchase.  I'm seriously every salesman's / saleswoman's dream customer ha!

As for the cleanser, LOVE!  Once I stopped using the toner and my spots began to subside, the texture of my skin was unlike anything I'd ever felt.  I have oily / sensitive skin.  My skin felt soft, clear and the hyper-pigmentation had begun to fade.  It was great at removing makeup (which I rarely did) and cleansing without making my skin feel stripped or overly dry.  The foaming gel had a non offensive smell and felt cooling on the skin.  I highly recommend this product, without a doubt one of my favorite skin care discoveries of 2015.                  

As for the hunt for my perfect's still going strong.  Even my boyfriend has started helping me, bless his heart.  If that ain't love, I dunno what is.  There has to be a toner out there suitable for my skin.  I'd love any recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to comment below :)


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